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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Wilfa Silver coffee grinder review

Wilfa Silver coffee grinder review

When it comes to brewing coffee at home many almost enjoy the twist and effort of using a hand grinder. For many though, hand grinding is a chore. You only have to visit any department store and you can see the popularity of cheap electric coffee grinders, despite the fact that many produce a poor quality output.

That all changes now, with the arrival of the Wilfa Silver electric grinder. Wilfa, founded in 1948, are a Norwegian company drawing attention among coffee cognoscenti for their automatic coffee brewer developed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe.  

So how does their grinder perform?

Well, it’s a doddle to use and it grinds more evenly than many market-leading hand-grinders. We suggest reading James Bailey’s wonderful little review for tips on its use that we very much agree with.

Be aware that the grinder settings are deceptive and best experimented with first rather than fairly reasonably assuming the ‘Filter’ setting on the dial actually suits making a filter. James suggests using the dial settings marked ‘Aeropress’ most of the time.

Overall there’s little not to like. The plastic container that the coffee grinds into is possibly a little fragile...and the grinder won’t work without it. We also found the container a little difficult to pour the grounds from, but these are small quibbles. Wilfa clearly invested in the quality of the conical grinding burrs and that’s fine with us.

It is an elegant device that certainly doesn’t look inexpensive and would grace any kitchen. With a greater than ever range of beans available to buy for home-brewing, it looks like the kit is finally catching up.

You can buy this grinder in our shop.

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This article was updated in June 2020

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