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Use code WELCOME for 10% OFF your first order.
Cold brew coffee; the most sustainable way to enjoy a brew.

Cold brew coffee; the most sustainable way to enjoy a brew.

Cold brew coffee is one of the most eco-friendly ways to satisfy your caffeine habit. So, as the weather gets warmer, why not cool things down with the Best Coffee guide to cold brew?


Cold Brew

Why is cold brew coffee eco-friendly?

Most coffee brewing methods use the triple elements of heat, pressure and time in various degrees in order to extract the desired qualities from roasted coffee beans. Cold brew essentially dispenses with the requirement for both heat and pressure, and utilises only the element that uses the lowest energy input.

Depending on your method (Hand grinding for the win!), cold brew can be made with almost no electricity at all. And the fact that you can make a big batch at once makes it even more economical.

On top of this, the usual methods of making cold brew coffee require either a reusable container with a washable filter, or paper filters that are easily composted so there’s minimal waste too 


Cold Brew 

How does cold brew taste?

Far from being the poor-relation to a hot cup of coffee, cold brew is a treat all of its own. Refreshing and much smoother than hot coffee; cold brew is actually lower in acidity and bitterness in comparison. Using a cold brew method can draw out completely different flavours from a coffee, giving it a total transformation!


How to make cold brew coffee

Our resident coffee-guru Cath has created this helpful video for the cold brew newbies, using the Hario Mizudashi.

At a glance our recommended cold brew recipe is this:

  1. Take 70g of good quality filter coffee.
  2. Grind it using a medium/coarse grind & place into your cold brew filter or a large container (mason jars or plastic tubs work well – anything you can seal is perfect.)
  3. Add 1ltr of cold water. For best results always use filtered water.
  4. Leave the container in the fridge for 12-24 hours
  5. Remove the filter or strain the coffee to separate the grounds
  6. Stir or shake to dissipate any sediment at the bottom.
  7. You can enjoy your cold brew straight away. It will also keep well in the fridge for up to 7 days in a sealed container.




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