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De Jordaan – once a mostly working-class community, today an urban professional’s residential paradise – has many watering holes. There are centuries-old pubs and distilleries, and on some nights the real Jordanees cafes resound with locals crooning out classic Dutch folksongs in tipsy unity. Though also occupying a picture-postcard corner in Amsterdam’s beloved neighbourhood, Toki is the epitome of now.

Coffee, primarily from Bonanza roasters in Berlin, is the main order of business here. Strolling the streets with a to-go cup might be tempting, but guests are encouraged to take a seat. The two-room space is perfectly appointed with modern furnishings and designer-y tchotchkes. It was not for nothing that owner Jeff Flink named his business Toki, invoking a Japanese word for “hangout,” he says. Other reasons to linger are a breakfast and lunch menu and – as this is one of the few coffee bars to also have an alcohol license – beer.

Review: Karina Hof

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Coffee Machine
La Marzocco Linea PB
Coffee Grinder
2 Anfim Super Caimano On Demand, Mahlkönig Guatemala Lab
House Roaster
Bonanza and monthly rotating

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