Allpress Espresso - Christmas Blend - Coffee Beans - 250g

Our Elf Roasters have been busy tinkering on Christmas Blend 2020, bursting with of new season flavours from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Sumatra. The Ethiopia Bulessa gives us bright berry acidity and floral aroma, while the Guatemala El Boqueron brings good body, smooth apple acidity and chocolate & caramel flavours. The final piece of the puzzle is the Sumatran Mandheling which brings spice and dark raisin fruit notes. When combined, you've got a delicious cup that tastes just like Grandma's Christmas Cake.

Tasting Notes: berry, apple, chocolate, caramel, raisin
Varietal: Mixed
Origin:  Ethiopia Bulessa, Guatemala El Boqueron, Sumatra Mandheling
Process: Ethiopia Bulessa (Washed), Guatemala El Boqueron (Natural), Sumatra Mandheling (Wet Hulled)