Soho Café Guide

Our Guide to Coffee Shops worth visiting

London's Soho has seen the arrival of a huge number of bars, restaurants and cafes since the mid-2000s. There's an inevitable commercialisation happening that has led to a fair few chain cafes landing in this exciting area more recently, but there are more than enough speciality coffee shops in each quadrant of Soho to indulge your coffee needs. Whether you're up by bustling Oxford St, over near Tottenham Court Road or South at Piccadilly, we reviewed some of Soho's best coffee shops.

Flat White

One of the original third wave coffee shops to arrive in London, Flat White remains a Soho essential visit. Packed with locals and visitors you might need to jostle for a seat, but it'll be worth it.

Department of Coffee - Carnaby St.

On the Southern tip of Soho near Piccadilly, this stylish (and compact) Department of Coffee shop is a slick addition to this crowded part of town. No seating here, though, if you need to take a load off.

TAP - No. 193 Wardour St

Boasting a Roaster out the back, this long and narrow TAP has an Alice-in-wonderland feel as it keeps going back. Wonderfully designed and fitted, this coffee shop offers plenty of space and tables and is an oasis of cafe calm in this busy area.

Milk Bar

Supporting the Eastern side of Soho, Milk Bar has a more of a local, "my usual" feel. Sister cafe to the busier Flat White, there's plenty of seating here. The charming shop front will draw you in, the coffee will keep you.