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Bosgaurus Coffee

Saigon Pearl, Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Editor's Review

Bosgaurus Coffee is a truly innovative coffee house. A glass-walled space carved in two by a giant metallic serving bar and framed by a beautiful Giesen roasting machine. Behind the bar, national barista champions grind beans, pull shots, and experiment with traditional-modern brewing techniques. Take their “Big Smoke” brew, for instance; an intense mix of dark chocolate and caramel with a smoky bitter finish, perfectly suited to the local preference.

Ultimately, manager Han says, Bosgaurus’ mission is to bring “Arabica sua da” to Vietnam. For those not familiar with a "sua da", it is an iced milk coffee made from dark roasted Robusta to be found at every stall on every street in Vietnam. Han goes on to explain that “Bosgaurus” is another name for the endangered Gaur species of bison indigenous to Southeast Asia. Similar to the Gaur, Bosgaurus Coffee see their mission as a rare and difficult challenge. Having tasted the coffee, we are confident they will succeed.
Reviewed by Micah Thompson.

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