Espresso Workshop (Britomart)

11 Britomart Pl, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Editor's Review

Located at the base of an office block, sharing the foyer but positioned so you don’t have to worry about banging into the office clientele disembarking the lift.  Although minimal curb appeal, as soon as you enter you know these guys know there stuff.  Mainly window/stool seating with some tables and chairs, but all very nondescript.

It feels very relaxed as we lay eyes on the exposed kitchen with staff looking very casual as if hanging out at home. The counter is jam packed with paraphernalia, including their cold drip, tasting notes on their Tanzanian and Rwandan beans plus information on brewing methods and their espresso workshops.  Surprisingly, considering they are housed in an office block, there is only a small glass cabinet housing a minimal selection of snacks. 

There are shelves of apparatus and cups to purchase and take home the idea of having an espresso party at home is one we love.

Reviewed by Feona Horrex; image courtesy of the venue.

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