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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Hills Bros Cafe

5 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Editor's Review

Gone are the days when office building lobbies contained cheap and nasty eateries. Building dwellers, workers, passers-by, and specialty seekers alike, deserve much better quality and they get that with Hills Brothers. The Reuben Hills spin-off situated in the ever so photogenic Martin Place with its grand buildings, open and level designs is the penultimate of where to go in Martin Place.

Coffee here is rotated quite frequently so there’s always something new and tasty to try expanding your palate on and roasted to that sweet and balanced level that Reuben Hills has come to be known for. Turmeric lattes with alt milk are even on offer here. The food menu isn’t what you’d expect either with a focus on health and fusion, made to order or freshly prepared to go.

Taking design elements and colour scheme from the building itself to seamlessly blend in, while accentuating the spot, table lamps and wall piece feature to help distinguish the long concrete bar.

Reviewed by Nibs Bisso; image courtesy of the venue.

Cafe Features

Buy Beans
Loose Leaf Tea
Table Seating

Coffee + Drinks

Cold Brew
Filter Coffee
Iced Coffee
Non Dairy
House Roaster
Reuben HIlls
Guest Roaster
Reuben HIlls
2x Mythos1,EK43
Coffee Machine
La Marzocco Linea PB
Opening Hours
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30