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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Luckie Beans

10 W George St, Glasgow G2 1DR, UK

Editor's Review

Train stations can be incredibly frustrating for coffee lovers. You are at a point where perhaps you are most in need of coffee – either at the start of a long day, needing the fuel, or at the end, needing a pick-me-up – and yet so often you’re given the short shrift. Hastily poured espressos at volcanic temperatures that make your face cease up as soon as you drink. Shout out to Glasgow for addressing the problem with Luckie Beans.

Apparently, Luckie Beans were given two weeks notice to set up their coffee cart at Glasgow Queen Street in August 2016, so who knows what happened then that caused such an urgent need for coffee. Whatever it was, we’re glad it happened. You can also find the cart at Leith Farmers Market in Edinburgh, and Kelso Farmers Market down in the borders.

Luckie Beans have two grinds on the go at their Queen Street cart - their Love Lane House Blend, and a rotating single origin. They can also boast serious environmentally friendly credentials – their Diedrich roaster using half the gas of others – and stock sandwiches from Scotland’s George Clooney-endorsed social enterprise Social Bite. Other train stations: please follow Glasgow’s lead.

Review: Harry Harris

Image courtesy of venue

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