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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Sam James Coffee Bar – Toronto Street

15 Toronto St, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, Canada

Editor's Review

Sam James has succeeded in creating a unique space that perfectly fits their vibe in a neighborhood that you would assume is almost their antithesis. This historic area of downtown is full of corporate nine to fivers, but this branch of the local cafe chain has managed to carve out a little piece of its own.


The café space is tiny, with a standing bar and bench for those who might be avoiding the weather for an extra minute or two, but the real intention here is the ability to have a real interaction with customers. In an effort to bring the neighbourhood feel of their other cafés into the downtown, the space encourages the customer to converse with the barista whether that be for friendly pleasantries or a more in-depth discussion of their coffee program.


Artist Jeremy Jansen, who has worked on other Sam James locations like the PATH, makes his mark on this space with a visually textured piece on the ceiling of the shop. A metal mesh wrapping covers the counters of the space and along with the recognizable signage out front, confirm this miniaturized version is indeed a Sam James Coffee Bar. This is surely one of the best places in downtown for a traditional coffee experience: a standing espresso enjoyed over conversation with your barista.


Reviewed by Peter de Vooght

Cafe Features

Buy Beans
Loose Leaf Tea

Coffee + Drinks

Cold Brew
Filter Coffee
Non Dairy
Iced Coffee
House Roaster
Cut Coffee
Filter Brew Methods
1 Mahlkönig EK, 2 Mazzer
Opening Hours
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30
07:00 - 16:30