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The Coffee Virus Startup Village

Science Park 608, 1098 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Editor's Review

Like its location in the Amsterdam Noord building, known as A Lab, The Coffee Virus Startup Village serves as the proverbial water cooler to a hub of high-tech and science-focused companies; as well as university students and faculty staff situated at Amsterdam Science Park. But it’s far more than H2O that The Coffee Virus serves.

Business founder Floris van Luttervelt devotes as much attention to what his guests eat as what they drink. Slow coffee can be ordered as an AeroPress, V60 or from a batch brew, while menu highlights include a deluxe tandoori chicken sandwich or, for vegans, a green curry hummus salad.

The word “virus” might not have the soundest connotation across fields, technology included, but Van Luttervelt emphasizes a viral agent’s capacity to spread and proliferate. It is similar to the spirit he invokes when encouraging his customers to network and exchange ideas, often fuelled by coffee.

Reviewed by Karina Hof. Image courtesy of the venue.

Cafe Features

Loose Leaf Tea
Buy Beans
Pets Allowed
Outdoor Seats
Table Seating

Coffee + Drinks

Cold Brew
Iced Coffee
Filter Coffee
Non Dairy
House Roaster
Single Estate, Bocca, The Barn
Guest Roaster
3 Mazzer Kony
Coffee Machine
La Marzocco Linea
Opening Hours
08:30 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
09:00 - 16:30
00:00 - 00:00
00:00 - 00:00