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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Caffenu Cleaning Tablets Tub (100 X 1.4g)

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by Caffenu

Perfect For Espresso, Bean To Cup, Fully Automatic And Filter Coffee Machines

Commercial Espresso coffee machines need frequent cleaning and maintenance. This is evident when a machine is continuously running, collecting coffee oil and residue. Due to coffee being a naturally oily substance, oil and residue rapidly accumulate, leading to bad smells and taste.

The Caffenu cleaning tablets are designed to remove old coffee grease and oils, residue, odours, and tannins that accumulate inside brewing units, pots, and filters. Its tough degreasing agent cleans coffee machines like no water or descaler solution can.

Eliminate all unwanted grease and coffee residue from your espresso, bean to cup, fully automatic, and filter coffee machines in just a few minutes.


Eco-friendly cleaning formula
Concentrated & fast-acting tablets
Phosphate-free & Chlorine-free
Removes old coffee oils & residue
Improves coffee taste & machine performance
Quick and easy to use
Ideal for commercial coffee machines
Readily dissolves & odourless
Intertek Certified