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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Gesha Lungo Capsules (40)

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by Colonna
A bright Colombian Gesha, with a complex perfumed character. Located in Quindio, at the heart of the Eje Cafetero (AKA The Coffee Triangle), Sebastian Ramirez’s farm is situated 1,590-1,740 metres above sea level. A young and passionate producer, Sebastian’s focus and attention to detail in the fermentation stage of his production, working closely with Q-graders and Q-processing professionals, has led to some truly outstanding results with the Gesha, Wush Wush and Pink Bourbon varieties that he grows exclusively on his farm. Sebastian also dedicates much of his time to adopting and caring for rescue dogs at a local charity, naming many of his coffees after the dogs. This Gesha lot was sourced in collaboration between Sebastian, Hernan Cabra, an accomplished Q-processor, Cata Export from Colombia, and Makicuna Coffee from Ecuador. The cherries were harvested at the start of 2021, picking 95% ripe and 5% semi-ripe. After being placed into tanks they go through an anaerobic fermentation stage for 100 hours with a constant temperature of 18°C. The cherries are then pulped and left to ferment further with the mucilage left on for 48 hours. This is followed by 15 days of drying in ‘Elba’ – an outdoor drying patio with a sliding roof that protects the coffee from rain. It is then completed with a 5 day drying phase in a parabolic dryer. Once the coffee has reached its desired humidity, the parchment coffee is threshed and selected by hand to pack and ship only the highest-quality beans. Presenting a deep and fruity cup, with an abundance of red berry notes and citric acidity, El Placer Gesha is another wonderful addition to our Gesha range. Colonna capsules are compatible with traditional Nespresso® capsule machines.