Hario Technica 3 Cup upper bowl Replacement

Brewing with syphon is very rewarding indeed. However if you managed to accidentally break the upper chamber of the syphon you will have to get this replacement, if you want to avoid buying a whole new syphon.

Upper Bowl Replacement for Hario Technica Syphon

The upper chamber replacement for Technica Hario syphon is exactly the same as the original chamber. Made from heat resistant glass with nothing but natural components. Add to the cart and we will ship it out so you can start brewing with your syphon again in no time.

Technica 3 Cup upper bowl Replacement Includes :

  • 1x Hario technical Upper Chamber Replacement
  • Borosilicate Heat-resistant Glass
  • Compatible with Hario Technica syphons.
  • 3 Cup Capacity