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Hario V60 Switch Immersion Dripper - Size 03

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by Hario
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Hario V60 Switch Immersion Dripper - Size 03

The popular Hario Switch Immersion Dripper is now in a bigger size! Get more coffee with the bigger Hario Switch Immersion Dripper 360 ml.

This immersion dripper extracts coffee after immersing ground coffee in hot water. Simply add ground coffee, a standard Hario 03 V60 filter and hot water. Let the coffee steep and flip the switch to start the draw down process. It starts dripping after the switch is pressed, allowing anyone to extract coffee evenly.

Additional Information:

  • Includes: 40 x Hario V60 Size 03 Filter Papers
  • Colour: Black
  • Article Number: SSD-360-B
  • Size: W155 × D140 × H160mm
  • Capacity: Practical capacity 360ml


  • Glass bowl: Heatproof glass
  • Base: Silicone rubber
  • Switch: PCT resin
  • Stainless steel ball: Stainless steel
  • Made in Japan