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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.

Limited Release Rare Espresso Capsules (40)

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by Colonna
A bold, daring profile born from the pairing of Bourbon and Sidra with anaerobic-processing. Boozy-strength and tropical undertones make for a cup proudly showcasing the punchier-side of the Colombian flavour-spectrum. Set in the famous Huila region of southwestern-Colombia, the farm of El Diviso has been carefully expanded over nearly half-a-century under the watchful-eye of Delfin Lazo. The farm came into Delfin’s care in an almost-abandoned state, populated primarily with older, lower-yielding Caturra plants. Every day would see not only a challenge for himself and his wife Estela to invigorate the farm and its crop, but, with the help of a small team, to rebuild the house and see to the roads that lead to the farm. Little-by-little the farm came back to life, with fresh Caturra plants introduced, and fresh harvests collected. Originally the quality was not understood, but Delfin was encouraged to enter regional competitions and he began to greatly expand his coffee-knowledge and crop-cultivar on the farm. Now that Delfin and Estela are older, this precious knowledge has been passed on to their children, with their youngest son Heiner Lazo overseeing all processing, drying and tasting on El Diviso. Their other son Wilder focuses on marketing, soil-studies and fertlisation, whilst their daughter helps to support the family financially though her work as a teacher, alongside planning, projecting and developing the infrastructure of the farm. For variable-temperature capsule machines (Opal/Morning Machine) we advise brewing at a medium-temperature setting for optimal cup results.