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Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups when shopping any product over £100.
Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups on any products over £100.

Loveramics Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser (Indigo)

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Loveramics Weave Mug with Porcelain Infuser (Indigo)

Certain questions come with many answers, like what the perfect breakfast is made of, which confectioner makes the best chocolate and the most sublime flavour of ice cream. But for some questions there is only one answer. Like the best way to make a brew which will delight you on every occasion. And we at Loveramics are pleased to present you with it.

Our special Weave Indigo Mug with Porcelain Infuser which will not only ensure that every bit of flavour is extracted from your blend of choice but also ensure your brew remains warm making it especially enjoyable. That is because this tea cup has been made from special borosilicate glass which is well known as being an excellent choice for glass table and ovenware.

What’s more you can also be certain of getting it right on every occasion when it comes to creating a delightful brew, thanks to its special porcelain infuser ensuring you get the best out of your loose leafed tea blends.