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Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups when shopping any product over £100.
Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups on any products over £100.

Loveramics Weave Textured Bowl 150ml (Olive)

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Loveramics Weave Textured Bowl 150ml (Olive)

Asparagus spears, fragrant basil, emerald olives. The ideal ingredients for a fresh healthy salad on a hot summer afternoon. Especially when it is served in a delightful porcelain bowl, in a delicate olive green making it appear even more delectable.

Like our Weave 150ml Textured Bowl (Olive) brought to you by our head of design, Simon Stevens. Inspired by the Scandinavian countryside, this beautifully patterned bowl will remind you of enchanting meadows on a warm sunny day.

This textured bowl which has been created by our team of skilled artisans, features a weave pattern and has been covered with real glaze just like all our other porcelain products. As a result, it is perfectly versatile and can be used to serve any dish of your choosing.

And because we believe all our items should be as easy as possible to use, the Weave 150ml Textured Bowl (Olive) is suitable for use in your microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

We are also proud of providing you with a high quality piece of tableware while also keeping our environment safe by ensuring waste is kept to a minimum.Treat yourself to this lovely textured bowl in olive and add that special touch of magic to your favourite dishes.