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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
2017 London Third Wave Wichteln Cupping

2017 London Third Wave Wichteln Cupping


A public cupping/tasting of coffees received as part of the Third Wave Wichteln ‘Secret Santa’ global coffee exchange…


Wednesday 25th January 2017, 6:30pm. Come promptly or we won’t get to grind your beans, and that would be a shame. We need to host the event soon as some people have already finished their coffee and some might have been opened a while ago and we want to taste it fresh.


Volcano and Assembly’s stunning new roaster in Brixton. 244 Ferndale Rd, Brixton, London SW9

Who for? 

Primarily this event is for people who took part in the wonderful  Third Wave Wichteln programme this year but if you’re interested and you didn’t take part this year then come along…bring some coffee beans if you can for us to taste in a great potluck of coffee soups!

Who by? 

TWW was the brilliant invention of Markus ReuterThorsten Keller and Andre Kruger in 2013, it has grown every year and is now quite a large event – a grassroots, global education programme in its way with just a touch of Russian roulette!

We are very grateful to Ruta from Assembly / Volcano for offering to host the cupping (tasting) when we were looking for a suitable venue. It’s a great space.


Do you need to ask? We get to sample tasty coffees from all over the world and have a good chat and a get-together


‘Cupping’ is the simplest coffee brewing method we have, you bung ground coffee in a cup, add some hot water and leave it while you chat. Then after a few minutes you break the ‘crust’ of coffee that has formed on the top and let it settle, skimming the top to remove any loose grounds. Then you let it cool while you chat some more. Then everyone gets to slurp it from spoons, competing to see who can make the loudest noise. 

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