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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Best Coffee Weekly - Week 10 2019

Best Coffee Weekly - Week 10 2019

Little bit of a quieter week here but we were very excited to launch our first coffee giveaway on Monday.  This will run for 2 weeks and you can win a bag of Square Mile coffee just by telling us which you'd prefer! 

Our self-service cafe dashboard is nearly ready for piloting - this will let coffee shops update their key info themselves (although we're happy to update it, of course) and share updates with app users on their cafe listing page.  These messages could range from early closing for events or something new and exciting on offer - we're really interested to see how coffee shops choose to use this. 

Unfortunately we've heard of closures of a few places in London this week - sad to see Mokapot close which was a great place serving up Square Mile

We've been researching and adding coffee shops in Norway (Oslo) and Australia (Adelaide).  Also wishing everyone a great time for the first Grind City Coffee Expo in Memphis!

Other coffee news we've curated from around the 'net...

La Cafés £15 cup of coffee

A beautifully choreographed press release process means if you live in the UK you cannot avoid reading about a £15 cup of coffee at Alain Ducasse's La Café in Kings Cross. Very interesting to see a big name restaurant really pushing a coffee story.

We visited Roasting Plant Coffee in London

A few more thoughts after our visiting to Roasting Plant Coffee in London.

% ΔRΔBICΔ coming to London Fields and Covent Garden

We knew they were coming to London Fields, but also looking to close a deal on a site near Aesop in Covent Garden!

UK's Grind Expanding (again)

According to Propel Info Grind is targeting 36 sites by 2022 with six new central London venues. It said that 15 of the proposed venues will be franchise sites and it will also relocate its Shoreditch coffee-roasting facility to a larger site in Elephant and Castle

Extract combine Coffee and Skateboarding for Charity

Kickflip is a celebration of everything we love about Ethiopian coffee. Sparkling citrus notes and pik-n-mix sweetness. Bright, bold flavours which are playful, daring and straight up delicious - the same things we love about skating and old-skool Santa Cruz and Vision boards.

Brian Visits Manner Coffee in Shanghai

We've had a few Chinese coffees to sample in the office and this is undoubtedly a region to watch. We're severely lacking China coffee shop coverage here which we hope to address soon.

The 2019 Sprudge Guide To Buying Tea Online

It's not coffee, but it comes close. Sprudge delves into tea for tea week.

Perfect Daily Grind visit Guadalajara, México

The second biggest city in Mexico gets explored by the PDG team.

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