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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Best Coffee Weekly - Week 13 2019

Best Coffee Weekly - Week 13 2019

Busy week!  We've published a slight backlog of 41 new coffee shop reviews and kicked off our launch of Boston. It was also London Coffee Festival, which we popped along to.

We also published 40 coffees shops as 'On Our Radar'.

We've been researching and adding coffee shops in The UK (London, Ballynahinch, Watford, Yorkshire, Chester, Wales), The US (Denver, Boston, Portland, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Eugene), Canada (Toronto), Germany (Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Nuremberg) and France (Lyon, Montpellier).

Other coffee news...

A thorough look at the indomitable Brian's travelling coffee kit
Sprudge tour Bosgaurus - a Ho Chi Minh City coffee landmark.
Glasgow coffee festival is baaaack. Announced for 4th and 5th of May.
PDG write up what's actually happening to coffee, at a chemical level, when it goes through a roast.
Sprudge cover Grand Rapids in Michigan
We wrote up our fav coffees at LCF. There are always so many to try, but these ones stood out as excellent and/or interesting.
We worked with KeepCup to produce a reuse challenge map at LCF. We're convinced that coffee events should be reuse-first when it comes to tasting.
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