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Brian's Philosophy of Coffee

Brian's Philosophy of Coffee

Brian Williams, the well-known coffee blogger, gives us an introduction to the history and culture of coffee in his first book: The Philosophy of Coffee. You’d think it would just be a book for coffee geeks and history lovers but, even for those who are not, it is an easy and enjoyable read that has been well researched.

Brian is a self-professed late comer to coffee; though discovering good coffee in your late twenties will seem quite normal to most people. His dedication to sharing his love of coffee is admirable – and a philosophy we agree on here at Best Coffee. Teaming up with the British Library to publish this charming book was a great idea. The library has provided black and white images to accompany Brian’s words; the two together form a really lovely addition to any coffee library.

The Philosophy of Coffee is out now and is published by the British Library. You can purchase a copy for £9.99 from the British Library Shop:

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