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Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups when shopping any product over £100.
Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups on any products over £100.
Cafes & COVID 19: Joe's Coffee

Cafes & COVID 19: Joe's Coffee

Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Rubinstein in Manhattan’s West Village, the shop reached success by providing a welcoming space for specialty coffee in New York City. Since then it has expanded to 22 locations that are scattered through New York and Philadelphia with the main roastery located in Long Island City. 


Joe Coffee has always strived to be a sustainable and reliable coffee source for people in the North East and with COVID-19 they are making no exception. One of their biggest projects right now is maintaining an in-house Relief Fund where all the money raised will go to their own employees. In order to support local business, Joe Coffee has partnered with Support Restaurants to create #DiningBonds. The concept works just like a savings bond: you buy one now at 25% off and you can use it at full value when they reopen. 

From the Roastery in Long Island City 

In the meantime, anyone can still purchase from the e-commerce site as it holds a plethora of coffee treasures for delivery. There is lots of brew gear to choose from in which you can make a cup of their famous Waverly Espresso or Overnighter Cold Brew. 

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