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Cafes & COVID 19: KB Coffee Roasters

Cafes & COVID 19: KB Coffee Roasters

Located in South Pigalle, Paris— KB Coffee Roasters combines the things that people love, well roasted coffee and homemade cake. Not only are they expert specialty roasters but their state of the art shop, Back In Black, was designed by Frank Minnaert giving KB an edge over their competitors. With the lockdown on the metropolitan city, all locations have to be closed for the time being. It is a given that spirits are dampened by actions taken on by different governments concerning public health. However, this does not mean that people will stop loving and caring about coffee altogether!  

A KB flat white. Photo credit: @gringoremix 


Despite all the major setbacks, the company still features lots of at home brewing products which will satisfy anyone’s caffeine needs. Their e-shop has lots of brands to choose from including the Chemex, Comandante Grinders, Wilfa Grinders, Aeropress filters and so much more. You could also purchase 13 different kinds of coffee sourced from various global locations.  

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