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Coffee Roaster Introduction: 5 Rings Coffee

Coffee Roaster Introduction: 5 Rings Coffee

Best Coffee's roastery guide is a compilation of the very best, tried & tested coffee roasters from around the world. We’ve hand-selected a small collection of amazing coffees for you to sample. Not all coffees are created equal, and not all coffees make it into our shop. So we’re starting a series of articles shining a light on our chosen roasteries to explain why we picked them for your drinking delight.

5 Rings Coffee

Where: Manchester

Who: 5 Rings Co-founders are all Olympic Champions:

Philip Hindes MBE (5 Rings Product Director) is a track cyclist and Olympic Champion (2012 & 2016 – team sprint.)

Owain Doull MBE (5 Rings Creative Director) is a road cyclist and Olympic Champion (2016 – team pursuit.)

Callum Skinner (5 Rings Director of Operations) is a track cyclist & Olympic Champion (2016 – team sprint)

Since when: 2020

Why: 5 Rings coffee not only has a great origin story, they also have a really delicious portfolio of coffees. We love their dedicated approach to ethics, sustainability and quality – there are no shortcuts when it comes to Olympic standard coffee!

What’s the story: After meeting in 2012 on the National cycling team, the trio formed a strong friendship based on their shared goals to become Olympic champions. Owain, Philip & Callum travelled the world together as athletes, always seeking out a good cup of coffee as soon as they landed somewhere new. In 2020 they decided the search for good coffee would be much simpler if they started roasting their own.

Bringing their work ethic and obsession with perfection from their cycling careers; 5 Rings coffee is based on core values of sustainability and flawless quality.

With 3 signature single origins & guest coffees too; 5 Rings approach to coffee sourcing, roasting and quality is uncompromising and focused wholly on reliable, unwavering perfection.

Sustainability credentials:

5 Rings Coffee

Sustainability is one of the founding principles of this company. 5 Rings pay their coffee producers a fair price which guarantees to cover the costs of production. They are keen to create profitable relationships for the farmers, safeguarding the longevity of the industry and affording farmers a decent standard of life.

All of 5 Rings coffee packaging is 100% recyclable and they support community projects close to their hearts such as the Siôn Mullane Foundation. The company even launched their own guest coffee ‘Break the Chain.’ 50% of the profits from this coffee go to mental health charity, Andy’s Man Club.

5 Rings roast on a Loring ‘smokeless’ roaster which produces up to 80% fewer greenhouse gases compared to conventional roasters and each bag of coffee is certified carbon neutral.

Our favourite coffees:

5 Rings Coffee - Blind Faith - Single Origin, Brazil - Filter Coffee Beans - 250g

5 Rings Coffee - Madre Naturaleza - Single Origin, Mexico - Espresso Coffee Beans - 250g

5 Rings Coffee - Madre Naturaleza - Single Origin, Mexico - Espresso Coffee Beans - 1kg


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