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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Outpost Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roaster Introduction: Outpost Coffee

Best Coffee's roastery guide is a compilation of the very best, tried & tested coffee roasters from around the world. We’ve hand-selected a small collection of amazing coffees for you to sample. Not all coffees are created equal, and not all coffees make it into our shop. So we’re starting a series of articles shining a light on our chosen roasteries to explain why we picked them for your drinking delight.

Outpost Coffee

Where: Nottingham

Who: Outpost are a coffee roaster, wholesaler and equipment supplier with a training centre, hosting masterclasses in everything from espresso to latte art.

Since when: 2013

Why: At Best Coffee we like Outpost for their no-nonsense approach to doing great coffee, better. Without fanfare they’re plugging away at continually improving the sustainability and ethics behind their coffee; not for the recognition for doing so, but because they believe in better conditions for all coffee professionals.

What’s the story: Outpost are a specialty UK roaster with a threefold approach: Sourcing, roasting and training. Within this ethos they commit to providing better pay and support for coffee growers, selecting and roasting the finest coffees & investing in the training and education of their own team & like-minded coffee professionals.

Sustainability credentials:

Outpost Coffee

Outpost have been working hard from the beginning to nurture long-standing relationships with coffee farmers to make sure they’re paid fairly for the high-quality coffee they’re growing. Traceability, sustainably and ethically sourced coffee is at the heart of what they do. They are also proud to work directly with an indigenous community, The Crotishair, to source some of their micro-lots.
Their packaging is fully recyclable; shipping boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, while all shipping of coffee is done so carbon-neutrally.


Our favourite coffees:

Outpost Coffee Roaster

Timber Town, seasonal espresso blend - Outpost’s house espresso blend is a satisfying, traditional style espresso. Comforting butterscotch flavours, lifted with a little jammy-fruitiness make for a real treat. Tasting notes are toffee, honey, hazelnut & chocolate.


Outpost Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Sidamo - From the central Rift Valley of Ethiopia, this micro lot is named after the river than runs through the region. A sweet, fermented ‘funky’ flavour is achieved through naturally processing the cherries, with the pulp and skin in tact; resulting in a sweet and fruity filter coffee. Tasting notes of Funky, bergamot, blueberry & lemon.

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