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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
INEOS Grenadier + Best Coffee

INEOS Grenadier X Best Coffee: An adventurous partnership

Cycling and coffee have gone hand in hand for a long time. At Best Coffee, we’re proud to be continuing the rich tradition of cyclists seeking out a coffee stop. We’re teaming up with fellow coffee lovers, INEOS Grenadier to highlight cycling friendly cafés, giveaway unmissable prizes and keep energising the adventurous!

Back in the 60s coffee machine manufacturer, FAEMA sponsored a Tour De France team, probably most famous for their rider Eddie Merckx, who is still arguably one of the most famous tour riders of all time.

In 1987 the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia sponsored team was responsible for producing the first ever South American rider to win a grand tour, Luis Herrera.

Aside from sponsorship deals, coffee and café stops have long been at the centre of cycling culture. There are some obvious benefits to a caffeine hit mid-ride. Caffeine is a stimulant; capable of improving alertness, concentration and energy levels.

A great addition to any workout; it’s particularly useful for distance cyclists who need to maintain focus for long road rides. A coffee stop mid-ride can reduce feelings of pain & fatigue and for this reason (and maybe something to do with cake…) most cycling clubs will plan their routes around cycle-friendly café stops. This summer, with the help of Best Coffee and INEOS Grenadier you’ll never miss an opportunity to refuel at the very best cycling-friendly cafés.


A coffee adventure on 4 wheels

Coffee and cycling may go hand in hand, but so does coffee and adventure! For those who like to push limits; INEOS Grenadier are launching a new built on purpose 4X4 which is the perfect vehicle for your adventurous lifestyle. This no-nonsense off-roader is rugged, durable and designed for people who want to load up their gear and go. Whether you’re adventuring on two wheels or 4; the Grenadier is a perfect companion. If you’re looking for a stripped back, highly durable vehicle that can keep up with your high-octane hobbies; read more about the Grenadier here.


Find cycling friendly cafés on your route

The Best Coffee app has been helping coffee lovers locate their next cup of speciality coffee since 2012 and now cyclists can use the INEOS Grenadier sponsored filter to find cafés that not only make amazing speciality coffee, but are also cycling friendly. Some of our featured cafés may even have tools or repair kits, or their own bike mechanic on site! Read the details in the app for all the information you need to plan your perfect refuelling & rest stop.


The ultimate ride out and exclusive cycling and coffee prizes

Best Coffee & INEOS Grenadier have teamed up to bring you the ultimate summer of cycling. Monthly giveaways mean you could ride into the sunset with exclusive & unmissable prizes from Best Coffee & INEOS Grenadier, including signed jerseys and incredible coffee equipment bundles.

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