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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Join the Global Coffee Calibration: A day of learning and fundraising for coffee lovers.

Join the Global Coffee Calibration: A day of learning and fundraising for coffee lovers.

Once you dip your toe into the world of specialty coffee, you soon discover just what an astounding amount there is to learn! Whether you’re a coffee professional or an enthusiastic amateur, learning more about coffee could be a lifetime’s work. From the variety of brewing methods, roasting techniques, coffee origins, cocktails, championships career opportunities: the list of subjects to dive into is almost endless.

Thankfully the Global Coffee Calibration has arrived to offer coffee lovers everywhere the unique chance to learn from some of the most knowledgeable coffee professionals in the world. What’s more, everyone who joins is or supports the event contributes to funds distributed locally in Ukraine to support those affected by the war.

What is the Global Coffee Calibration?

Quite simply, it’s the world’s largest coffee training event! On Friday 29th April coffee industry professionals will hold hour-long classes on their chosen subject. These classes take place all over the world, in several languages so everyone can join in. Learners pay just £10 per class in order to access some of the greatest minds in the industry, whether in person or via an online class.


What can you learn?

Participants can choose from around 120 classes on a whole range of coffee-related topics. Areas for learning include: latte art, sustainability, running a coffee business, equipment and technical advice, coffee cocktails and food pairings, sensory understanding, roasting green coffee and barista skills including making coffee at home.

Each class lasts just 1 hour so it’s not a huge commitment time-wise but you’re sure to learn a great deal. Trainers at the event are all well-respected coffee professionals, passionate about their niche subject and happy to share their knowledge and skills for a good cause. Big names teaching on the day include Cup of Excellence Education Manager Alex Pond, Celeste Wong AKA The Girl in the Café, UK Latte Art Champion and Judge Heidi Phillip Smith and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood; creator of Peak Water and founder of Colonna Coffee.


Where does the money go?

All the money raised for this year’s Global Coffee Calibration will be donated to the Specialty Coffee Association in Ukraine. This enables our coffee-colleagues in Ukraine to distribute the funds locally where it is most needed. This grassroots approach to donations not only honours the coffee industry and its contribution to the lives of people living in conflict, it allows immediate relief, bypassing the red tape and delays often experienced when donating via larger charities. Global Coffee Calibration founder, Emma Haines elaborates, “By supporting the SCA Ukraine chapter, we are able to support our coffee family and show our unity without engaging in any political complications and without diluting funds via larger charitable organisations who all have overheads to contend with.


How to get involved

For this year’s GCC, booking is now closed but you can still show your support! There are two raffles from which winners could take home some must-have custom brewing kit. All money from ticket purchases go straight to the fundraising pot. Or you can simply donate here.

The Global Coffee Calibration is not just a one-year endeavour! So, whether you’re a potential trainer, learner or supporter, there will be opportunities to join in with the initiative that aims to bring coffee education to the masses whilst raising money for a good cause. “If we can make coffee education accessible for all and combine it with fundraising for causes close to our hearts, we’re on to a good thing. I have big plans already for 2023!”

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