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UK Brewers Cup & UK Barista Championship round up

UK Brewers Cup & UK Barista Championship round up

Competition coffee is a big deal worldwide. The World Barista Championship began in Monte Carlo in 2000, and since then has grown in stature, status and the level of skill demanded. Individual countries around the world now host their own national competitions.

The UK has a rich calibre of competitive baristas, and a stunning array of different ways to prove their superior skills. The sheer range and quality of coffee competitions for aspiring champions to enter creates a thriving culture of high standards and boundary pushing. The proof is in the talent of baristas the UK produces; including three world champions since the competition began.

2022 is off to a good start for UK coffee competitions. The recent UK Barista Champions and Brewers Cup were an impressive display of the calibre of UK coffee professionals. Here’s a run-through of them each.

UK Brewers Cup

The Brewers cup is all about manual brewing. Competitors’ recipes, precision and skills are tested as they must prepare three different drinks to a panel of judges. Points from 0-10 are awarded in a number of categories including aroma, aftertastes, acidity, body and balance. Our friends over at Loveramics sponsor the event, providing cups, and our sister company Brewed By Hand provide top-of-the-range equipment to competitors.

UK Barista Championship

The Barista Championship is much more espresso-focused but also covers areas such as work-flow and customer service skills. Each competitor must present an espresso, a milk-based drink, and a signature beverage for the judges. For each round they will be judged on the drinks’ sensory presentation (aroma, visual, taste) as well as the time took to make it, and how much wastage they produce.

Who won 2022 UK coffee championships?

This year it was great to see that the winner of both the UK Barista Championship and the UK Brewers Cup were both women. There tends to be a prevalence of male competitors and therefore champions – can you believe that the very first female World Barista Champion (Agnieszka Rojewska) was crowned as recently as 2018?!

  • 2022 UK Barista Champion: Claire Iona
  • 2022 UK Brewers Cup Champion: Sierra Yeo


Make coffee like a champion:

As we mentioned earlier, our sister brand Brewed By Hand provides equipment to the competitors of both competitions. So we can give you a sneak peek into what helped our UK champions achieve greatness. Want to make coffee like a champion? Arm yourself with the ultimate champion’s coffee gear.

Comandante Grinder: This is the only manual grinder that so regularly is used in championship-winning routines. Extreme accuracy and consistency are paired with stunning good looks.

Hario: Hario are the brand of choice for brewers and baristas alike. Their iconic designs, innovative creations and practical, user-friendly products make them a favourite in coffee shops, homes and competitions all over the world.

Felicita: These hardy scales are unrivalled for accuracy and speed. They’re just what you can rely on, whether the pressure’s on in a competition, or you’re just in a rush for your morning brew.

Loveramics cups: Loveramics are the official cup of a whole host of national and worldwide competitions. From optimised tasting cups to those that are perfect for latte art, you can achieve competition-worthy coffee, and serve it up in the only acceptable cups with Loveramics.

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