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New Café: Queens of Mayfair

New Café: Queens of Mayfair

We've seen a great number of cafés having to close their doors during the Covid-19 pandemic, some temporarily and some permanently, while the whole hospitality industry struggles to navigate these uncertain times.

So when sisters Victoria and Grace Sheppard reached out to let us know that they would be opening a speciality café in central London, we immediately got a slight sense of hope restored. It’s always great news to see new speciality cafés opening, especially in times like these.

Housed within a traditional Georgian building, Queens of Mayfair is conveniently located at 17 Queen Street, Mayfair, London. The café will be open from breakfast through to dinner, so you can effortlessly move from day time flat whites to evening cocktails and wine bar.

Queens of Mayfair - Difference Coffee - La Marzoco

On the coffee front, they have an exclusive partnership with Difference Coffee — currently served in over 60 Michelin star restaurants. This is exciting news for coffee lovers as it is Difference Coffee's only collaboration outside of the fine dining sphere.

They are also working with top specialist suppliers in all aspects of their offering, including Hedone Bakery (renowned for its famous white and brown sourdough breads), and Charbonnel & Walker (world chocolate specialists). Queens is committed to using local, seasonal and British ingredients.

Some of the signature items on their carefully curated menu include Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with optional Truffle, Queen’s Truffle Cheese Toastie, Nectarine and Fennel salad with smoked chicken and the Mayfair Mule Cocktail.

At Queens we see an opportunity to bring local Mayfair commuters something different from the chain cafes they would be used to frequenting. We have partnered with some of the top suppliers to bring customers premium homemade food at a competitive price point for the prestigious area.

Victoria Sheppard

Having worked in the area for over eight years, I realised that there was a gap in the market for classic British food served in a modern and relaxed way. I wanted to create a space that you could pop in to pick up a pastry and coffee on your way to the office, enjoy a juice after a PT session or have after work drinks with colleagues or a date night.

Grace Sheppard

Queens of Mayfair officially open their doors at 7am this Monday, August 10th, and the first 150 guests will enjoy a free Difference Coffee takeaway from Monday to Friday this week, when signing up to their newsletter.

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