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Reopening your café during Covid – Part 2 - Staff and Space

Reopening your café during Covid – Part 2

As coffee shops in the UK are reopening since 4th of July, Callum Parsons, an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters, wrote a very interesting article with top tips on how to navigate these uncertain times and reopen your café safely.

On the second part of this series, Callum gives important tips and advice on talking to your staff and preparing space and signage for your café reopening.


At risk individuals

Talk with your team. Is there anyone at risk or do they live with someone who is at risk and needs shielding from any potential exposure?

Talk through Covid measures

Take your team through each protective measure that you’re taking, explain why you have chosen to do this and how you can all work together to keep the measures working as smoothly as possible. Also, be sure that your team are all aware to refrain from working if they do show any symptoms.

It always helps to get your team's input - ask them to flag up any issues (or potential issues) they see or any concerns that they may have whilst working.



Utilise outdoor space if you have it
If you have access to a garden or any front space utilise it! Think of how to maximise your tables and chairs so that you can fit customers safely. It’s better to have lots of tables in sets of two’s so you can combine for larger groups if needed. Act outside as you would inside with solid hygiene practices.
Look to ‘create’ outside space if you don’t have any...
If you don’t have any outside space in your current setup - can you get local council permission to put some benches and small side tables out the front of your shop?

If there was ever an opportunity to receive extra support now will be the time to ask. If you have a neighbour who is a different business (for example a hairdresser or a retail business) ask them if you can support one another, give them a few coffees and perhaps they will let you put a few extra seats outside their business. If they’re an evening trade business and you’re a daytime perhaps try and share some outside seating and the upkeep.
Keep doors open when possible
Who doesn't love fresh air? Open windows and doors frequently to encourage ventilation where possible.

Space out your tables and create a one-way system if possible
Do your best to section your space as much as possible with good flow and try to design it into a one-way system if at all possible. It may be a good time to find another temporary home for any large awkward tables and bring in smaller tables for two people. This way you can move them around or push them together as and when needed.
Customer signage
Consider signs around the coffee shop to let customers know not to enter the premises if they are experiencing symptoms. Any additional signage you can provide will all be helpful so that customers understand the service flow e.g. floor stickers and one-way signage.

If the Government applies similar guidance as it has for non-essential retailers, you may need to display a poster to show employees and customers that you have followed the official Government guidance. You can see this poster for non-essential retailers here.



Thanks again Callum, and make sure to check Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters website and coffee. You can also find the original article, here.


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