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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Reopening your café during Covid – Part 1 - PPE & Cleaning

Reopening your café during Covid – Part 1

As coffee shops in the UK are reopening since 4th of July, Callum Parsons, an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters, wrote a very interesting article with top tips on how to navigate these uncertain times and reopen your café safely.

We will be posting his tips and advices on a three series of posts. You can also find the original article, here. Many thanks Callum for sharing this piece of information with us!


Wear masks or face coverings as much as possible for the safety of yourself, the team and customers

Although the current government advice states that “wearing a face covering is optional and is not required by law, including in the workplace" (Working safely during coronavirus), perception is king, and if customers see the measures that you and the team are taking they will feel more confident to visit and to come back.

Consider gloves - but be careful!

Although not a legal requirement some businesses are now implementing a glove-use policy when handling food and drink. However, you must remember to change gloves as much as you would wash your hands, and wash your hands every time you do so. It may be more efficient not to wear gloves at all, as it has been reported that they can give 'a false sense of security' and washing your hands is a better precautionary measure (The Independent).

Provide hand sanitiser near the staff food & drink areas
Alongside this, encourage staff to wash their hands regularly. The government advises allowing employees regular breaks to wash their hands for 20 seconds at a time.
Consider physical splash barriers
Although not essential, the government advises to look at implementing physical splash barriers between employees and customers in order to decrease staff anxiety and help maintain social distancing.
Cover up all food either behind perspex or in glass showcases
If you have limited space, put one display cake out for the customer to see and keep the rest behind the counter out of reach. Those extra precautions make customers feel safer, and exposed foods are less likely to be bought in the current conditions.
Laminate menus and wipe down after each customer
Quick, easy and does the job.
Ask customers to drop any used napkins into a dedicated bin
The more they do to help keep your shop clean, the safer you and the team will feel.
Remove hydration stations inside
If someone wants water they will let you know :)
Taking tips
Tips are certainly great and well deserved. You may be feeling more uncomfortable with taking coins for the moment so perhaps check if your EPOS can add tips on or check out this nifty bit of tech. Otherwise, simply use a tip box for the customer to use and leave the money in it for at least a few days since last used before opening and handling.


Thanks again Callum, and make sure to check  Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters website and coffee. Stay tuned for the next parts of this series.


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