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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Machina Coffee

Coffee Roaster Introduction: Machina Coffee

Best Coffee's roastery guide is a compilation of the very best, tried & tested coffee roasters from around the world. We’ve hand-selected a small collection of amazing coffees for you to sample. Not all coffees are created equal, and not all coffees make it into our shop. So we’re starting a series of articles shining a light on our chosen roasteries to explain why we picked them for your drinking delight.



Where: Edinburgh

Who: Founded by Musician Steve and Coffee Professional Michael to bring 3rd wave coffee to Edinburgh.

Machina Coffee

Since when: 2004

Why: We rate Machina because they roast some truly special coffees. Their attitude to quality, culture and consumer experience just has to be admired!

What’s the story: Founded when a DJ, looking for a new challenge was introduced to coffee-obsessed barista trainer. With extensive industry knowledge & world-spanning market-research behind them; the pair set out to roast, educate and serve people with great coffee, all whilst offering exceptional levels of customer service.


Sustainability credentials:


With a big focus on traceability, Machina has spent years nurturing long terms relationships with their coffee suppliers. They state that many view traceability reports as a ‘box-ticking exercise’ and work specifically with their few suppliers as they know their information to be ‘true and accurate.’ Their long-term goal is to source their coffee through a direct trade model as soon as volume makes this viable.

Having spent a great deal of thought and development on packaging with a view on creating fully-sustainable options. Cautious that many companies use ‘recyclable packaging’ as a marketing tool, without fully considering just how likely or easy it is to actually recycle it.

“We are all up for using bio solutions (either produced from recycled materials or just fully biodegradable from the off), but other factors should be considered such as impact of carbon footprint in logistics and consumer responsibility.

We looked at recycled or de-compostable options for wholesale, but the reality is that no matter how hard you try and create something that ticks all the boxes, it’s a total unknown how many people actually follow through by properly recycling or using it in compost. Further, even most ‘recyclable’ options still need the valve removed, which we don’t believe many people go to the bother of doing. “ says Co-Founder Steve. Instead, for their wholesale customers they kep things simple by removing the packaging completely and selling the coffee in re-usable tubs. For their retail customers they’ve opted for a bio bag without any inner lining. The only part that is not recyclable is the valve, which ideally needs to be removed by the customer. The intention is to try and address a solution in late 2021 that includes the valve, as a 100% bio solution is their preferred goal.


Our favourite coffees:

Machina Coffee
Kenya Doondu Sundried – A premium, limited supply coffee, unusual because it’s sundried and offers extraordinary clarity. A complex profile with tasting notes of cherry, medjool dates, lime acidity.


Machina Cosecha Azul Coffee Beans (Filter) - This coffee is rich in body, low in acidity & delightfully balanced. It comes from the Cooperativa Cosecha Verde Limitada which focuses on sustainably managing water on a coffee farm


Machina Clockwork Blend Coffee Beans (Espresso) - A delicious blend of 2 seasonal lots; this coffee is a great all-rounder. Versatile enough to sit well in a flat white or brew it old-school in a moka pot.




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