The best of jimseven - a collection of James Hoffmann’s writing

Well, we’re a little late to this game but it’s only fair to point out to any of our readers who haven’t seen the news, that James Hoffmann is producing a new book. James writing on his jimseven blog has been essential reading since 2004 and he is compiling a ‘greatest hits’ of his writing to be issued in a cloth bound hardbook form. James planned a crowdfunder to raise the printing costs and thanks to a superb Zachary Carlsen article in Sprudge complete with an interview, the Indiego crowdfunder has already exceeded the £10000 target and was running at over £13000 raised at the time we wrote this.

You can pre-order the book and/or contribute here. The book costs £25. This will be the one and only print run so don’t miss out. There’s also digital version available for £3.

While you wait, here are some great posts from the blog…

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March 21, 2017 — Best Coffee