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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
The New App Update: What is 'On our Radar?'

The New App Update: What is 'On our Radar?'

Here at Best Coffee, we are always thinking about ways to improve both the app and its features for our users. You will notice, in the next couple of days, a new update for the app. The main new feature of this update is that we will be adding something called ‘On our Radar.’ We thought it would be good to let you know more about this feature, namely what it is, why we’re doing it, and how you can use it.

What is ‘On our Radar.’

Simply put, it’s a way of including cafés that we are yet to have independently reviewed. This also has the benefit of listing cafés in cities that we haven’t been able to get to.

Why have you designed this feature?

Our main aim at Best Coffee is to provide users with access to good coffee wherever they are in the world. We have, historically, only listed cafés that we have visited; we love being independent and having the opportunity to curate the best coffee shops in the world. What has been evident, however, is that we just aren’t able to get round to all the cities and cafés as quickly as our users would like us to. So, this is our way of giving users recommendations for places that have been suggested to us as serving great coffee.

Who put them on you radar?

We are always being contacted by users, experts, and cafés with recommendations for places that should be listed in the app. These will make up our ‘On our Radar’ cafés - they are still researched to check they meet our editorial guidelines, the only difference is that they will not have a full review and haven’t been visited by one of our team. Also, and importantly for us, cafés still cannot pay to be put on the app.

What if I think they shouldn’t be on your radar?

If you visit one of the cafes listed as ‘On our Radar’ and have had a bad (or good) experience then you can let us know. If we get lots of feedback that suggests they aren’t good enough to be listed then we will consider removing the café - however, we do believe that everyone can have an off day so if the majority of feedback is positive we will likely keep it listed.

How can I tell if a café has been reviewed or is on your radar?

The new feature has been designed so it’s clear, immediately, that it is ‘On our Radar.’ The café image will have a logo, which makes it obvious. Also, if you click on the café listing, it will have a different style review.

Will you eventually visit all the cafés on your radar?

Maybe, but we cannot say for sure. As you can imagine, we are a small team with a limited budget and so, simply put, we just don’t have the resources to visit every coffee shop in the world. This is the other great thing about the ‘On our Radar’ feature as it allows us to list cafés that we are unlikely to get to for some time to come.

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