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Hario V60 Artists Edition - Hestie Roodt Interview

Hario V60 Artists Edition - Hestie Roodt Interview

Hario, makers of iconic coffee brewing equipment are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2021. Hario, founded in Japan in 1921 began producing high-quality glassware before becoming synonymous with coffee after inventing the V60 brewing method in the 1950s. Since then, they have become a staple in the specialty coffee industry, spearheading product development in all areas of manual brewing.

The UK arm of the Japanese company are marking the occasion by releasing a collector’s run of V60s featuring artwork by prominent designers and illustrators.

The release of the Artists Edition V60 is the first time this classic piece of brewing equipment has ever been used as a canvas for pieces of art.

Hestie Roodt is an illustrator and artist based in London. She is also Head of Marketing and Strategy at Square Mile, an award-winning coffee roastery. She was commissioned as one of an exclusive group of artists involved in the project. Her multi-skilled background and appreciation for Hario’s position in the coffee industry have translated into a triumphant design, rich in tradition and regality.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your creative process. What inspires you?

I started my career as a fashion designer; and relate to the world in terms of shape, form and colour. I love digital drawing and the flatness thereof. Like in pattern making - through cutting away and folding shapes, you sculpt fabric into a 3-dimensional object to either compliment, mimic or distort the human form. The fascinating thing about illustrating is the combination and repetition of forms and shapes allow you to build a different world that can compliment, mimic or distort a moment in time.



What was the inspiration behind your design for the V60? And how was the journey of going from a blank canvas to the final beautiful design we got on display?

I have a deep appreciation for heritage blue and white porcelain and recently started collecting a few pieces again. I find the immediate sense of tradition, ritual and regality something as simple as a blue pattern on white porcelain conveys fascinating. And that was my inspiration. Blue combined with the ritual of brewing - and of course, it’s all pretty grand thanks to 100 years of Hario.


How does coffee feature in your life and/or work as an artist? Any favourite coffee drink or recipe? (Hopefully you use a V60 😉)

I am lucky enough to work in coffee and as the Head of Marketing and Strategy for Square Mile Coffee Roasters, I would say coffee is what my day to day revolves around. And yes, V60 it is!


What's your favourite roaster and favourite coffee shop?

Dare I say…..1st. Square Mile Coffee Roasters 2nd. Coffee Collective, and favourite Cafe? Prufrock Coffee.


How do your roles as marketing strategist and illustrator crossover, and how do you switch between the demands of each?

Having an illustrator at my beck and call is a dream come true for many a marketer. On a serious note. As a communicator, there is a great sense of comfort and liberation in that when I can't find the words; I can draw you a picture. I would say it's less about where my role as a marketing strategist and illustrator crossover and more about how I'm wired. I can't imagine being only a marketer or only an illustrator, and practising both makes me me. It allows me to connect and see things from a new perspective. It has shaped my career and informed the experience, skill and value I bring.


Are you working on any other exciting project? Where and how can people find more about your work?

I’m in the process of building a website to share and showcase my work. Alongside coffee, my dream is to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil so for now, you can follow me on Instagram @oleofactory and reach me on




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