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Hario V60 Artists Edition - Cadi Lane Interview

Hario V60 Artists Edition - Cadi Lane Interview

Hario, makers of iconic coffee brewing equipment are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2021. Hario, founded in Japan in 1921 began producing high-quality glassware before becoming synonymous with coffee after inventing the V60 brewing method in the 1950s. Since then, they have become a staple in the specialty coffee industry, spearheading product development in all areas of manual brewing.

The UK arm of the Japanese company are marking the occasion by releasing a collector’s run of V60s featuring artwork by prominent designers and illustrators.

The release of the Artists Edition V60 is the first time this classic piece of brewing equipment has ever been used as a canvas for pieces of art.

Cadi Lane

Cadi Lane is a Cardiff based illustrator and designer commissioned to be part of the project. She originally trained as a set and costume designer but has spent the last year exploring rug tufting and ceramics while also illustrating for her friends Hard Lines and Calendar Coffee. Her work is playful fun and full of character, as you will see in her finished V60 pieces.

Cadi Lane - Hard Lines Coffee


Most of her work is created from her studio where she works alongside her creative friends. Cadi also works part time at the Hard Lines roastery - she has accidentally found herself immersed in the world of coffee, a funny place to be for someone that can only handle decaf!


Tell us a bit about yourself and your creative process. What inspires you?

I just love making things, I always have. I’m constantly thinking about things I want to make and new things I want to try - sometimes its a bit overwhelming because there’s just not enough time for me to do all the things I want to do!

Cadi Lane

Making time for personal projects is something I definitely need to get better at. I tend to have a lot of ideas at once and then spend time sifting through them until I find something that makes sense. I sometimes find the creative process quite isolating - something else I’d like to get better at is talking about my ideas and work more with other creatives. Sometimes it’s hard to know if something is a good idea when it’s just you and your thoughts so finding people to have creative and constructive chats with is something I’m looking for in my process moving forward.


What was the inspiration behind your design for the V60? And how was the journey of going from a blank canvas to the final beautiful design we got on display?

It was pretty tricky to begin with when trying to imagine a design on the curved edges of a V60, so I started off by wrapping paper around a V60 we have at home and just drawing on that to see what shapes and patterns I liked best.

Cadi Lane - Hario V60 Artists Edition

Then I started to think of what people would want in their homes and what they would enjoy seeing first thing when making their morning coffee. So, I knew my designs needed to be colourful, punchy and positive to greet people in the morning. I also wanted them to be fun to look at when going through the coffee brewing process.

How does coffee feature in your life and/or work as an artist? Any favourite coffee drink or recipe? (Hopefully you use a V60 😉)

I’ve accidentally found myself working in and around coffee a lot. It’s something I never imagined but I love it! There’s such a nice supportive community around coffee.

I work for Hard Lines as an illustrator and part of their design team but I’ve also been a barista for them and now I work part time at the roastery. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t talk about coffee. It’s pretty strange how dominant it is in my life even though I’ve had to make the switch to only drinking decaf (I think I’ve had enough caffeine to last me a lifetime).

But I do have a soft spot for an affogato!

Cadi Lane V60

What's your favourite roaster and favourite coffee shop?

Is it bad to say Hard Lines?! I just love what they do. I’ve worked for them for years and seeing the brand and team grow to what it is today is really inspiring. I’ve met some of my closest friends through Hard Lines. They also supported and trusted my illustration work before anyone else did and have stuck with me for a long time - hopefully they’ll let me stick around for even longer.

Also, their coffee is great!

Faces in various moods feature heavily in your work – Are they random or a reflection of how you feel when you’re designing?

I think I just like faces and character and the way people react to them. People get really attached to certain things I make with certain expressions; different moods attract different people. It’s just fun and silly and a way to keep my work engaging.

Cadi Lane

Are you working on any other exciting project? Where and how can people find more about your work?

I think I’d like to focus on developing my style some more so I’m pretty excited to put some time into that. I think I’d also like to do more exhibitions and find new ways to showcase my work. I’m still working out what kind of work I want to make and am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had so far to explore that. I don’t have any projects lined up at at the moment but I’m keen to do more collaborating.

My work can be found mainly on Instagram @itscadilane



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