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Hario V60 Artists Edition - Naomi Bailey Interview

Hario V60 Artists Edition - Naomi Bailey Interview

Hario, makers of iconic coffee brewing equipment are celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2021. Hario, founded in Japan in 1921 began producing high-quality glassware before becoming synonymous with coffee after inventing the V60 brewing method in the 1950s. Since then, they have become a staple in the specialty coffee industry, spearheading product development in all areas of manual brewing.

The UK arm of the Japanese company are marking the occasion by releasing a collector’s run of V60s featuring artwork by prominent designers and illustrators.

The release of the Artists Edition V60 is the first time this classic piece of brewing equipment has ever been used as a canvas for pieces of art.

Naomi Bailey is an East London based artist whose design depicts a London cityscape – home of Hario UK’s HQ. She originally trained as an architect until switching careers into set design. She now spends most of her time art directing, designing or creating film sets with an art department for features, television or music videos.

Naomi Bailey

Her ‘artist’ career flourished in the pandemic after the film industry ground to a halt at the start of lockdown. Since 2020, she developed her Cityscape concept into several bespoke pieces of different areas across London, gradually producing Cityscapes of other UK cities and even events such as her favourite, Glastonbury 2019.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your creative process. What inspires you?

Most of my artwork focuses on ‘Cityscapes’ of a specific place or event. I am lucky in that I live in London, a bustling capital city which is always changing - every corner you turn presents something new and exciting to feast your eyes on, whether that’s an installation, a building you’ve never seen before, a pop-up performance or even protest - I definitely draw most of my inspiration from looking up and around!

Naomi Bailey
I was originally trained as an architect so I’ve always been excited at how buildings, monuments and spaces can make a specific location recognisable. My creative process always starts with sketches based on interviews with whoever lives in that specific area I’m doing a ‘Cityscape’ of: I can then get to grips with key features and memories associated to that place so the ‘Cityscape’ becomes personable to whoever lives, works or passes there. I love it when people are able to recognise key spots in the painting!


What was the inspiration behind your design for the V60? And how was the journey of going from a blank canvas to the final beautiful design we got on display?

I wished to capture the heart of the city: The City of London. Its towering skyscrapers seem to be continually growing and the skyline is forever changing - London is never ‘finished.’ I was determined to translate the ‘sketchy’ illustrative style onto the finished V60 design to represent this. I painted the v60 design first by hand before scanning and editing on Adobe Illustrator. I then played around with dynamic colours that could mimic the vibrance of the city.

Naomi Bailey - V60 Artists Edition


How does coffee feature in your life and/or work as an artist? Any favourite coffee drink or recipe? (Hopefully you use a V60 😉)

Coffee is my staple! I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Since lockdown, my boyfriend and I have got a solid ‘elevenses’ routine - and you’ll be happy to hear we do use a v60 with whichever coffee we have bought that week. We like to try different types!

Naomi Bailey


What's your favourite roaster and favourite coffee shop?

Favourite roaster is Nude Espresso. I live in East London so if I’m ever passing through Shoreditch I’ll treat myself to a cuppa! Otherwise, we regularly visit our local Pavilion coffee shop in Victoria Park in the morning, coincided with a run and a cardamon bun.

Naomi Bailey


Cityscapes and incredible detail are both hallmarks of your illustrations. Can you tell us your favourite detail to look out for in your design and what it means to you?

Look out for the Royal London Hospital’s red helicopter! I see this red helicopter daily from my flat’s window flying in and out of the hospital, gliding over the city. A key reminder, especially during the last 2 years, of how lucky we are to have our NHS.

Naomi Bailey - Hario V60 Artists Edition


Are you working on any other exciting project? Where and how can people find more about your work?

Yes! You can find me on Instagram @wanderrover. I am always creating more Cityscape pieces of different places and selling Limited Edition prints on my website: . I am also open up for commissions, in preparation for the Christmas rush. These bespoke Cityscapes tend to be the most popular present ideas for a special someone!



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