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The Road to the World Barista Championships: Muhammad Aga

The Road to the World Barista Championships: Muhammad Aga

Muhammad Aga, Indonesia's Barista Champion, is passionate about growing coffee and loves to represent his country. He's competing in the World Barista Championship and has answered our questions ahead of the competition. You can follow his journey on Instagram: @muhammadaga

The WBC competition will take place at the Amsterdam World of Coffee on 21st to 23rd June this year. 


When did you fall in love with coffee?

It was 2010. I wasn’t a coffee drinker before, but when I worked for the first time as a part timer in a coffee shop, I saw my co-worker pour latte art - it was a beautiful scene as well as a beautiful taste.

Since then I've drawn myself deeper into this industry.


What was your first coffee job?

A Barista in a chain coffee shop that mostly made iced lychee tea rather than cups of coffee.


If you didn’t work in coffee industry, what would you do?

Prior to this, I used to be a guitarist in a band. So I might be still in a band and hoping to be a rockstar.


What exceptional coffee will you be using in the WBCs in Amsterdam? Tell us more about the coffee and what it tastes like.

The coffee I’ll be using is from Colombia, it’s a wash-processed coffee, but the taste will be completely different compared to other typical wash-processed coffee I’ve ever had. It has a great body, very smooth, and clean. It also has some interesting flavours like earl grey, peach, blood orange, and grape candy.


Who would you like most to make a coffee for and why?

Everyone, I don’t have anyone specific in mind. Because I love to serve coffee, have a chat with my customers over it, and see them happy afterwards.


Who would play you in the story of your life?

Liam Neeson I think, because I like how he solved the riddles in every movie he has acted in.


If you opened a café today, what songs would be on your first day playlist?

Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, and Bill Withers.


What’s your favourite way to make coffee?

Anything as long as it’s a black coffee.


What are you most excited about in coffee?

I am excited to live in one of the greatest coffee producing countries in the world. My dream is to have my own lot, develop it end-to-end, and serve the coffee by myself.

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