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The World AeroPress Championships: Juan Camilo Rojas

The World AeroPress Championships: Juan Camilo Rojas

Juan Camilo Rojas runs Coffeelombia, a company focussing on the production of cold brew and marketing it; he’s also training to be a roaster. He will also be representing Colombia in the World AeroPress Championships. Follow his journey on instagram: @coffeelombia

Why did you choose to enter the AeroPress Championship?

Because of the format that the championship has. It has the perfect combination: diversion, analysis of the extraction, preparation, and the nerves of knowing who won, all in one place. "The best coffee game that can exist.”

What’s your favourite way to make coffee (other than AeroPress of course!)?

I like the V60, it's another method that has led me to find and highlight incredible notes in coffee.

What led you to using the AeroPress?

The possibility of being able to use a lot of combinations in the preparation to find expressions and flavours that I can take to the limit.

Which grinder will you use for the competition and why?

Mahlkönig, I will use the time I would spend using a manual grinder to take advantage of other variables in the preparation.

How did you get in to the coffee industry?

By chance, in 2009, when I was studying in London, I came across this wonderful world of specialty coffee and from there the dark side took over. Now I do fermentations, cold brew, roasting, and I try to be an integral person. It is worth saying that I would not be here today if I was not surrounded by people, coffee growers, and wonderful instructors both from my country and abroad. A thousand thanks to all of them.

What are you most excited about in coffee?

The combination of all the variables that come together in order to enjoy and share a cup of coffee, without these links in the chain it would not be so wonderful this world.

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