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Win a FREE set of Loveramics cups on any products over £100.
Our Guide to: Nitro & Cold Brew

Our Guide to: Nitro & Cold Brew

It's summer, it's hot, what does everyone want? Cold brew, of course. There are a number on the market and we've tried out a selection to give you some idea of what you might want to try. It's by no means an exhaustive list, and we will be adding more as we try them.

Cold Brew

The more delicate member of the cold brew family. They don’t always last as long, especially when they come in a bottle, but they are more reminiscent of a filter coffee. These are the ones we tried:

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

A unique flavour, it wasn’t a unanimous winner but most of the team loved it. A hint of caramel and a big flavour.

Where to buy: in-store or online.

Cost: £3.00



Our team felt this had a herbal flavour; a slight suggestion of mint.

Where to buy: stocked around the UK; find out more here or buy online.

Cost: around £2.50


Union Brew Lab

To some this was a little too delicate - it has a mild flavour - but it’s by no means bad.

Where to buy: in some shops and online.

Cost: £2.75



Slightly acidic, this wasn’t the most loved out of all those we tasted.

Where to buy: online.

Cost: £1.80 + delivery (free on orders over £30)


Nitro Cold Brew

Whilst the coffee is being added to the can, it's infused with nitrogen.This gives a creamier texture. It's preferred by some and these are the ones we tested:


Has a good flavour and it wasn’t overly bitter. It was the team's favourite for taste and texture.

Where to buy: in selected specialty coffee shops or online.

Cost: from £2.00



Had a fruity flavour; was the most refreshing of the nitro cold brews. It’s more difficult to get in the UK as it’s shipped from the US and only at certain times.

Where to buy: online from the US

Cost: $3.75/£2.85, depending on exchange rate (+ international shipping)


New North

Slightly fruity, has a mild flavour, and it's easy to drink.

Where to buy: online.

Cost: from £1.50


Minor Figures

The strongest of the bunch. Not for the weak coffee drinkers.

Where to buy: in selected coffee shops and shops or online.

Cost: from £1.85 + delivery (also available in Australia)



A slight chocolate flavour, with a hint of bitterness. Those who like darker roasts will enjoy.

Where to buy: online.

Cost: £1.80 + delivery (free on orders over £30)

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