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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Nice Zero Coffee Grinder

Our Guide to: The Niche Zero

Seven years working for Kenwood, and years of experience working for a design consultancy that influenced products for Philips, Tefal, Krupps, and beyond, was more than enough time for Niche Zero founder and designer, Martin Nicholson, to know that if a product goes in a consumer’s cupboard, it’s not getting used.


The Niche Zero is an impressive piece of kit. It stemmed from Martin’s wife, Annie Nicholson’s, love of coffee and Martin’s desire to be able to control the quantities of the coffee that’s ground in order to reduce wastage.


It’s evident, as soon as you see the Niche Zero, that it’s been designed by someone not only with a lot of experience, but also by someone who cares about creating a product that’s not only useable but also a creation that you’re proud to have out on show.


We all know better than to judge a book by its cover so, is it any good? This is what we think:


  • When you start to use it, you quickly notice how easy it is to use. You just twist the dial to the grind setting that you require; most importantly, the grind settings seem really well considered.


  • The grind quality is good – we haven’t scientifically tested the ground coffee so we don’t know the exact consistency, but the final product suggests it’s ground well.


  • The burr size and quality of the conical burr is similar to that of a commercial grinder; you’re getting quality equipment for your money.


  • The catcher for the ground coffee can fit straight in to the porta filter, which makes it incredibly useful if you’re making espresso.


  • It’s incredibly safe – this is important because it could be pretty easy to shove your finger straight in to the burr. The lid must be on before the machine will start, so there’s no risk of that.


  • It’s got a small footprint, so it can easily fit in the kitchen or on a brew bar in a café.


  • At £425 (£500 after launch) it’s not cheap. However, when you take in to consideration the quality of what you’re buying and the cost of professional equipment, it’s not a massive fee.


In short, we love it. The Niche Zero has the potential to revolutionize your home coffee brewing and, for café owners and baristas, it’s a great addition to the main grinder. If you get yourself a Niche Zero, there’s no way it’s going in your cupboard.


You can pre-order a Niche Zero on their Indiegogo page and find out more about the grinder on their website.

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