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Peak Water Filter Starter Pack Review

Peak Water Filter Starter Pack Review

Water... the overlooked yet, absolutely essential ingredient in your cup of coffee.

Today our resident coffee expert Cath Seay gives you a run through Peak Water, the only adjustable home water jug designed specifically to improve the quality of your brewing water no matter where you are in the world.

The first thing you need to know is that the water you use to brew your coffee is incredibly important. Let’s break it down:

The water’s role is to dissolve compounds from your ground coffee. So the amount and type of compounds already present in your water (salts, minerals) affects its ability to do this and has a profound impact on how your brewed coffee will taste.

We know water tastes different depending on its source. Bottled, fresh, filtered spring. And tap water varies a huge amount depending on where you are.
A typical cup of filter coffee is made up of approximately 98% water and 2% coffee. Water is the main ingredient.

When you think about it, It’s not surprising at all that water could be the reason why your meticulously prepared coffee doesn’t taste as good as it should.

And did you know that specialty coffee shops actually invest in expensive under-counter water filtration systems to make the best water for brewing coffee? It’s a big part of the reason why their coffee tastes so good.

The Peak Water Jug gives you the ability to easily optimise your water for brewing coffee. at home.

A key feature is its adjustability which allows you to specifically tailor the filtration settings on the jug depending on the water you are using. This is super important. Other filter jugs operate in a way where all the water you put in, completely passes through the filter. The resulting filtered water will vary just much as the water you’d put in the first place. And it could still be unideal for brewing coffee.

Additionally the Peak Water Jug’s dual filter design contains resins that target specific minerals and keep pH balanced to optimise the water for brewing coffee.

There is serious expertise behind Peak Water. Inventor Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is three-time UK Barista Champion, and world finalist, founder of Colonna Coffee and co-author of the definitive guide Water for Coffee. He knows what it takes to make a great cup of coffee and exactly what water is best for brewing

Let’s take a closer look

The Peak Water jug design is similar to an everyday style water pitcher and will fit easily in your home and in the door of most refrigerators. The jug and filters are made from BPA free plastic and are 100% manufactured in the UK. The jug has a total capacity of 2.4L and is able to hold 1.2L of filtered water in the lower chamber.

In the Starter Pack you get a Peak Water jug, one filter, 2 test strips for testing your water at home and a user guide.

  1. To set up your Peak Water and attach your filter first remove the lid which is attached to the bypass pin from the body of the jug by pressing down on the indentation on the lid and then you can easily lift it out. Remove the liner and retrieve your filter from the bottom of the jug. Remove any packaging and prime your filter by soaking it in water for 10min. Make sure you do this each time you get a new filter.
  2. Place the liner back in the jug and push the filter firmly to the bottom of the liner with the grooved side facing up. Set the dial on the lid to the release position and put the lid back onto the jug taking care to line up the bypass pin with the grooves on the filter as you do so.
  3. That’s the assembly taken care of. The next step is to test your tap water so you can determine what setting you should set your Peak Water to. This is really simple to do. Run the cold tap for a few seconds and then take a sample of cold tap water about 200ml or a small cup. Take a test strip and submerge it in the water for 5 seconds. Then remove it and wait for 10 seconds for the colour to change. Use the chart provided to match your colour and move the Peak Water dial to the recommended setting.
  4. You are now ready to make delicious coffee at home. But why stop there. You can tweak your Peak Water settings to enhance certain flavours in different coffees and also optimise the settings for different teas.

When you need to change the filter it’s as easy as turning the dial back to the release setting to release the bypass pin and then using the tab on the filter to pull it out.


Peak Water is designed with sustainability in mind.

The filters are recyclable and the resin inside is regenerable and can be washed, completely recharged and reused. Click here for more information about how you can recycle your Peak Water filters.

The use of recyclable filters to create perfect brewing water is much more environmentally conscious than one alternative option some people use which is to buy bottled water with specific mineral content.

Peak Water supports Project Waterfall and a portion of every Peak Water jug sold, directly supports Project Waterfall’s efforts to bring clean drinking water and sanitation to coffee growing communities in Ethiopia.

Peak Water is the ultimate solution for creating great brewing water for your coffee at home. With it’s unique adjustable bypass system, and dual chamber filters filled with optimising exchange resins, it's the first home water filter jug that enables you to create cafe quality water at home.


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