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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Sage Dynamic Duo / Dual Boiler - Review

Sage Dynamic Duo / Dual Boiler - Review

We invited Ben Lewis (@barista_benji), a 2x UK Latte Art finalist and head of coffee at Winchester Orangery, to talk about the Sage Dynamic Duo (comprising of the Sage Dual Boiler and the Sage Smart Grinder).

Watch the video to learn more about the interesting qualities of both machines, or read his review below.



Sage Dynamic Duo / Dual Boiler review

Because it has two separate boilers, the Sage Dual Boiler allows the machine to heat pretty quickly, meaning that you are not waiting a long time to get to your first coffee of the day — which is amazing.

It also means that you can produce shots and steam at the same time, allowing for speed and the ability of making multiple coffees quickly. This is particularly a good thing if you are transitioning from a café environment to being a home barista.

Latte Art - Barista Benji

The steam wand quality is phenomenal and one of the best I've used at home. It not only allows me to do good quality micro foam for great tasting coffee, but also for great latte art. It means that I can easily replicate good latte-art for competition level coffee. Meaning I can practice at home in preparation for latte-art competitions.

Sage Dual Boiler

You can change the temperature easily just by adjusting a few simple settings. You can also program the amount of water that comes out for each shot. So you can make sure to be getting good consistency on shot levels every single time.

Speaking of consistency, the Sage Smart Grinder allows you to pre-program the timer + grind size, so you can get a good quality grind and the exact same amount of coffee each time.

One final thing about the Dual Boiler that’s not to be overlook is the fact that it is beautiful as a machine. It looks really nice set up in my setup today and will seamlessly fit pretty much into any home setup.



Ben Lewis (@barista_benji)

2x UK Latte Art Champion Finalist. Award Winning Latte Artist. Head of Coffee at The Winchester Orangery. From Bath.




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