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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Wilfa Pour Over Smart Dripper Review

Wilfa Pour Over Smart Dripper Review

We asked our coffee expert Cath Seay to review and do a demo of the Wilfa Svart Pour Over Smart Dripper. Check the video below or keep reading to learn more about this incredible immersion dripper:

Developed in conjunction with industry expert Tim Wendelboe, this is a manual immersion drip coffee maker, designed to make the perfect cup of filter coffee.

The Wilfa Svart Pour Over Smart Dripper is durable and lightweight, has a V shaped interior with a flat bottomed base and a single exit point, and features a flow control system so you can control the speed at which water flows through your coffee.

Because you have the added control over the flow rate of water and hence the overall brew time, you can really play around with your recipes. Here's one of mine:


  • 18g coffee, ground coarse
  • 300g soft water

You will need a:

Set your Wilfa Pour Over so that the flow control is completely closed. Flow the edges of your filter paper so that they sit flat and pop them in your Wilfa, and rinse your filter paper, pre-heating your apparatus at the same time.

Grind your coffee beans. I'm using 18g of coffee, ground on a fairly coarse grind.

Discard the water that's in your Wilfa by opening the flow control.

Close the flow control back up for our brew, pop your coffee in, level it out, and tare your scales.

Ok now we are ready to brew. I'm going to pour 40g of water on for the bloom, I've just started a timer there as well. Because the flow restrictor is completely closed I won't see any water dripping through and all of that water, will have an opportunity to soak into the coffee grounds.

At the 30sec mark I'm going to open my flow control to the halfway point and I'm going to leave it there for the rest of my brew. Now I'm going to pour in the rest of my water in two pours. My target beverage weight is 300g. First pour: I've poured in enough water to bring me up to 180g. Second pour: Just pouring in a nice circular motion until you hit 300 grams of water and we'll just wait for it to drip through now.

Ok and that's a final brew time of about 3 and a half minutes. Now that it's finished I'm going to close the flow control. No drips! And it's ready to drink.

If you wanted a slightly longer or shorter brew time, it's really easy to manipulate that now just using the flow control.



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