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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder Review

Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder Review

We've invited Callum Parsons, an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters, to test and review some of our top grinders, and give his honest and unbiased take on it.

See the full introduction article here, where he explains his method and recipes, and read below his review on the Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder.

Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder

Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder

Quick Facts

  • Conical burr
  • Filter grind range only
  • Timer built in
  • Plug and play


What I love

  1. It’s very obvious what each grind is and I personally don’t veer off from these as they’re pretty spot on - I’ve used them as my bench mark for setting the other grinders during this review.
  2. Comes with a grind timer so you can set it to give you roughly the correct dose if you don’t fancy weighing your coffee each time you brew.
  3. Quick grind time and a fairly even grind size for a conical burr.
  4. Feels great for the money in terms of grind quality and build quality.
  5. Small footprint.
  6. Light and portable could easily take it around on a staycation!

What I don’t love

  • It’s louder than the Uniform.
  • Conical burr does not give you the brew quality that flat burrs do. I felt the brews had marginally less body and lacked complete roundess. (Although I drink filter everyday so I’m pretty fussy here!)
  • Does not grind for espresso so if you think you’ll get absorbed into home brewing more, you’re best to look at the Uniform range
  • I find that getting the grinds into your brewing equipment can be a bit fiddly. The coffee grinds don’t pour out that nicely from the grind collector (especially into the top of an Aeropress if, like me, you lost the Aeropress funnel).

Wrap Up

If you don’t have any plans to brew espresso at home and you’re looking for the perfect grinder for filter; whether you’re an experienced barista or someone just getting into brewing at home, this grinder is a solid investment. I’m very impressed with the value for money. Personally, I would not use the timer and just invest in a set of decent 0.1g scales, as this will still take you well under the price of a Uniform, but still give you the ability to brew top quality coffee at home (if you have some great coffee to start with... naturally!)



Callum Parsons

Callum Parsons is an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters.



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