Hario Mini Mill PLUS Coffee Grinder Review

We've invited Callum Parsons, an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters, to test and review some of our top grinders, and give his honest and unbiased take on it.

See the full introduction article here, where he explains his method and recipes, and read below his review on the Hario Mini Mill PLUS Ceramic Coffee Mill.

Mini Mill PLUS Ceramic Coffee Mill

Mini Mill PLUS Ceramic Coffee Mill

Quick Facts

  • Ceramic conical burrs
  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Click wheel grind adjustment
  • Holds roughly 24g of coffee in the top chamber

What I love

  • It weighs nothing and can fit in your bag no problem, so perfect for taking anywhere.
  • Brew quality similar of the Wilfa Svart.
  • Ease of setting up out of the box.
  • It's a satisfying ritual.
  • Surprisingly large grind range (if you can hack the time to grind for espresso).
  • Feels great in your hand that is securing the grinder.
  • Looks great.

What I don’t love

  • The crank doesn't fit that well on the drive shaft. It would be nicer if it locked in place a bit more, perhaps a torx style locking design.
  • You’ll have to get a reference point for your grind sizes if you use various brew methods. Work out how many clicks back to get your desired grind size from the zero point. So not that friendly if you like to vary your brewing technique
  • The handle on the end of the crank could be a bit nicer to hold, perhaps if it was a ball shape it would fit in your palm more comfortably.

Wrap Up

I’ve owned one of these since I first got into coffee a fair few years ago and it has taken many trips around the world with me. I think all in all, it's really fantastic for the cost, and if you’re still buying pre-ground coffee, give this grider a go and step up your home brewing game!

f you only have one brew method at home, once it's set you’re good to go day in and day out. Of course, hand grinding takes a bit longer but no longer then the kettle takes to boil (if you’re grinding for filter).



Callum Parsons

Callum Parsons is an award-winning coffee enthusiast and founder of Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters.


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September 21, 2020 — Best Coffee