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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Brewing This Month - Obadiah Coffee - Tariku, Ethiopia

Brewing This Month - Obadiah Coffee - Tariku, Ethiopia

Each month we will be showcasing the most interesting and exciting coffee beans from the best roasters in the speciality coffee community. This month we have a Best Coffee EXCLUSIVE from Obadiah Coffee Roasters — Tariku, Ethiopia.


Obadiah Coffee

Obadiah Coffee is a modern coffee roastery in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a transparent approach to sourcing from dedicated farmers, they operate with a single roast method enabling us to best represent each coffees unique characteristics. Working with outstanding raw material, Obadiah highlights the natural qualities in coffee, allowing new experiences to emerge for brewers all over the world.


Tariku, Ethiopia

Tariku Mengesha is the solely owner and produced this natural coffee entirely on his farms, the farm is located throughout the Banko Chelchele kebele (neighbourhood) of Gedeb woreda, south of Yirgacheffe and just west of the bulgy border with the vast Oromia region. Tariku applied the basic agronomic practices and keep the field free of any weeds, grows pulse crops in his coffee field so as to maintain the fertility of the soil. Also does the pruning practices with the technical help from Technoserve and distict Agricultural experts. He process the coffee with the help of Tesfaye Roba processed this lot as a traditional Natural process, first by soaking the cherries to remove all immature, floaters, overripe and foreign matters and than drying on raised beds for 28 days.

While coffee is Mengesha’s primary income, which he uses to support his family that includes 10 children (3 boys and 7 girls), he also grows navy beans and false banana, called “enset,” which produce no edible fruit but whose root and heart ( rhizome and pseudostem, if you want to be botanically accurate) can be harvested. The average enset matures in four or five years, and the plant can provide around 80 lbs of starchy food, usually fermented underground for up to a year, after which the doughy substance can keep for up to a decade. While the fibers in the heart of the plant can be boiled, the most popular iteration is a fermented enset “bread” or “cheese,” called “kocho” – quite strong and foreign to the western palate, but a staple in Southern Ethiopia.

Tasting Notes: Guava, strawberry and white chocolate.
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Gedeb
Process: Natural
Variety: 74112 Ethiopian Landrace
Grown at 2100 masl



Andrea is brewing this extraordinary filter coffee using a Hario V60 Dripper, Wilfa Uniform+ Coffee Grinder and the Peak Water Jug.

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Obadiah Coffee Beans - Ethiopia
Obadiah Coffee Beans

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