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Get 10% OFF your first order. Use code WELCOME at checkout.
Dark Arts Coffee Roasters

Inside the Best Coffee Pod Box - Dark Arts Coffee Roasters

Dark Arts Coffee was started by a group of friends in East London around 6 years ago with the aim of “using alchemy to combine fire, water and magic beans into a divine elixir.” And before you even think it, they don’t want to be known as “that harry potter coffee.” It’s fair to say that they have one of the most unique and distinguishable brands of all coffee roasters.

Dark Art Coffee Roasters

Dark Arts roastery in Hackney, East London

Dark Arts Coffee Roasters

Dark Arts unique brand and merch

Ultimately their aim is to “focus on importing the best beans from all over the world and roasting them until they taste good as a brown drink.”

The coffee that they have used in their coffee pods is a natural Brazilian from the Minas Gerais state, which is the biggest coffee producing state in all of Brazil.

The coffee in this compostable coffee capsule is wonderful and has a hint of orange acidity coming through with chocolate and nuts. It reminds me a little of Terrys Chocolate orange. Natural Brazilians are often such an interesting combo and that subtle orange acidity really bring this compostable coffee pod to a new level.

Coffee Provenance:

Origin: Brazil
Varietal: Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon and Typica
Process: Natural

Altitude: 900-1200 masl (Metres above sea level)
Taste notes: Chocolate and Nuts


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