The World AeroPress Championships: Maksym Zhuk

Barista, Tenerife resident, and Spanish AeroPress Champion 2018, Maksym Zhuk, is gearing up for the world championship. He has answered our questions below. Follow him on instgram to follow his journey: @maksym_privato

Why did you choose to enter the AeroPress Championship?

Because I wanted to learn something new. When I started to work at Blend Coffee & Food in Tenerife, I became more curious about specialty coffee. So, one day, I decided to learn how to brew with the AeroPress. Four months later, I decided to compete in the Spanish AeroPress Championship because I wanted to be better and master this method.

What’s your favourite way to make coffee (other than AeroPress of course!)?

I love espresso coffee. I enjoy tasting coffee and I like to recognise its qualities and where it comes from. I believe that the espresso is one of the best ways to taste coffee because all the good qualities of coffee are extremely concentrated in the cup.

What led you to using the AeroPress?

I discovered the AeroPress working with Sol Ortega at Blend Coffee & Food. I asked her if there's something else she can teach me (besides espresso and latte art), and she introduced me to this method. I loved it from the very first moment.

Which grinder will you use for the competition and why?

I started using a Hario and a Porlex manual grinder. But, when I became the Spanish AeroPress Champion 2018, I started to use the Comandante grinder because the particle distribution is just amazing. The Comandante grinder was one of the main prizes of the Spanish AeroPress Championship.

How did you get in to the coffee industry?

I worked as a cook for almost three years but I wasn't totally satisfied. So I decided to become a barista because my dream is to have my own coffee shop.

What are you most excited about in coffee?

I love to study the whole process of specialty coffee from the plant to the roasted beans. And what I most enjoy is to make coffee with my own hands. Now that I'm the Spanish AeroPress Champion I want to learn more and more to compete.

November 17, 2018 — Best Coffee